The company produces organic, ecologically pure foodstuff according to old Russian recipes.

The production is located in Pushkinskie Gory (the Pskov Region) and exists since 2009. The idea of organizing of production belongs to the monk – hieromonk Ion (Falco). His primary task was the restoration of the church and reviving church life in this protected area of the Pskov region – Stolbushino village. In order to preserve the blessed place for people’s lives, our production was initially organized. We began to work with gusto and studied the way of life of our ancestors and the ancient recipes of the Eastern Slavs cuisine, the secrets of herbalists. The very process of learning has deeply fascinated us with new discoveries.

We started our work by the “trial and error method”: many things were new for us and a “well-forgotten old” in the culture of the country’s everyday life. Gradually, we gained experience, mastered technology and expanded production. In early 2014, we put into operation a new, completely modern production facility. But, despite this, the bulk of the work is still done according to old technologies – using manual labor.

Everything that is done for others with love and from the bottom of the heart can’t be automated!

But, nevertheless, our company is the only company in Russia that produces traditional Russian sbiten in industrial quantities. More and more Russians use sbiten in their daily diet. We are glad that we made our tangible contribution into the revival of Russian gastronomic traditions. We dream that such products as sbiten, zvar, willow-herb tea, stewed berries will soon be used in food in each family.

All our products are created according to the revived old Russian recipes, made from ecologically pure raw materials and certified in accordance with the current legislation.

The company “Stolbushinsky product” carries out a large research and educational activity on restoration, preservation and further development of our cultural traditions – this is our main mission.

At the 32nd International Exhibition “National Glory. Quality mark of the XXI century “in Moscow, Stolbushinsky Sbiten received a gold medal.

At the 36th International Exhibition “National Glory” in the contest “All-Russian Brand (III millennium). Quality mark XXI century »sbiten, tea, nuts in honey have received a platinum quality mark of the 21st century, Zvar has received a golden sign of quality of the 21st century.

The Diploma “For branding the region” (the Pskov region).

In 2016 “Stolbushinsky Sbiten” and “Willow-herb tea” received the Diplomas “One hundred best goods of Russia”.

We are glad to share with you a part of the blessing from the reserved places, carefully keeping the Russian foundations and way of life.

We wish health to you and your loved ones!